Is Electronics Cigarettes safe?

Have you ever heard about electronic cigarette? Have you known about the contents? Have you known about the pros and cons you will get when you are smoking this kind of cigarette? Everyone that loves this cigarette claims that the electronic one is safer but we cannot see the real fact whether it is safer or not.

In term of cigarette, this electronics cigarette must have the same level of the side effect given by smoking for the same content as we all know that both cigarettes have the same nicotine and we are not supposed to see and feel that to keep our body healthy. If we are asking whether electronics cigarette safe or not, it should be safer. You should try v2 cigarette to switch yourself from traditional cigars. Some researchers in South California University found that electronics cigarette have higher poisonous metal than common cigarette but overall, this electronic cigarette is safer than tobacco one. So let’s see what WHO said about this.

Statement from WHO

The World Health Organization released announcement to recommend all of countries or people particularly not to use the electronic cigarette indoor because it has same poison as tobacco one. Although it does not have smoke as much as tobacco one but the electronic one also has dangerous chemical content that can rob the right of the people that should have clean air around you. That is why when you are smoking this vaporizer, you still need to go to the smoking area to keep other people that don’t smoke get their free and clean air.  Check this page to know more about eCig and vaporizers.

Another recommendation from World Health Organization is not to sell the electronics cigarette for people under 18. It could be illegal and dangerous. However, if you still consider the vaporizer is safer, it’s right though. The truth is that both of tobacco and electronics cigarette still have their own dangerous effect and it’s all in your hand whether you will choose the tobacco or electronics one.

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