5 Qualities of a Good Storage Facility

If a homeowner or renter needs a place to store some of their possessions, a Self Storage facility can help. However, it can be difficult to choose a facility that will care for customers’ belongings as if they were their own. In addition to considering unit pricing and size, customers should look for these qualities in a storage facility.

Good Customer Service

The first time a customer contacts a facility, whether it’s by phone, in person or online, they can find out how customers are handled. Good managers should greet the customer in a polite, friendly manner and provide efficient, thorough answers to questions. If a manager doesn’t give straight answers, or the office is disorganized, the customer should look elsewhere.

Hands-On Management

Customers should see the managers solving problems and working with customers. Ideally, the manager should live on-site or nearby. In some cases, the manager may provide his or her personal phone number, in case something goes wrong after hours.


The condition of a storage facility’s office should give customers an idea of its overall cleanliness. Offices should have clean floors and restrooms, and the manager should be neatly dressed and well-groomed. Cleanliness shows customers that the facility is properly maintained, and that staff will care for tenants’ possessions properly.

No Pests

The best storage facilities work with pest control pros on a regular basis. Preventing infestation is important, because some pests can do significant damage to customers’ possessions. Facilities should address pest issues monthly and seasonally, and customers should ask facility managers how pest control issues are handled.

Proper Security

No one wants his or her stuff to be stolen, and any potential storage facility should have a solid security system. Secure facilities should have gates with electronic access controls, along with proper lighting and surveillance cameras. An on-site manager can be helpful, as they can monitor activity throughout the storage facility.

Every storage facility is a bit different, and a customer’s choice depends on his or her needs. For instance, if a customer needs to store things they almost donated to charity, price may be a primary consideration. However, if a client believes they may need to retrieve an item on the weekend or at night, a facility with 24-hour access may be the best option.

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